It’s a poetry collection published in 2019 containing 116 poems that cut across many themes; uprightness, spirituality, romance, grief and some of the pressing national concerns, especially insecurity that caused turmoil in our education. One will carte away not just the sweetness of poetry, but wisdom, artistical constructions of expressions, close-to impossible imageries, breath-taking figurative expressions and tons of astounding vocabularies.

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UMAR DADA PAIKO is a native of Paiko tone, the headquarters of Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State. He is a teacher of mathematics and the Qur’aan, a member of the highest decision-making body of the Supreme Council for Sharee’ah in Nigeria (SCSN), the Jama’atu Nasirul Islaam (JNI) and a hajj trainer with decades of experience.

Umar has authored many books, prominent amongst which is translation of the Qur’aan in Gbari Language. He is married with children.


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